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Essential Phone, this is the Android Smartphone’s Modular Smartphone

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The Essential Phone, designed by Andy Rubin, creator of Android, is already official and has surprised by its design and specifications.

The creator of Android has presented today the phone that according to him has always wanted to have. And it has not left anyone indifferent. The Essential Phone is a high-end phone with good specifications and a very careful design in addition to modular. Will it be competition from Apple or Samsung?

The most striking at first glance of the Essential Phone is its design with hardly any frames, reminiscent of the ‘infinite screen’ style of the Samsung Galaxy S8. In addition, it has a titanium chassis and the back of ceramic, much more resistant and beware. On the other hand, we will not see the brand logo on the phone because according to them it is not necessary for the user to show what company the mobile is when they use it.

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One of the most striking aspects has been the possibility of adding add-ons to improve the terminal with modules that dock to the phone. For example, a 360 degree camera or charging station to extend the phone’s battery in case it runs out when we are away from home. At the moment they have not presented more, but the idea of ​​the company is to launch more modules to be completing and improving the phone.

In terms of power, the Essential Phone works with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 Gb of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

The rear camera is dual sensor 13 Mpx while the front is 8 Mpx and as it could not be otherwise works with Android.

The terminal can already be booked in the United States for $ 699 or $ 749 with the camera module


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